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Sino-Dutch H2H Spinal Surgery Medixchange Webinar

On January 14th a webinar has been organised by Clean Future Synergy and Henrui Pharma.

The webinar focused on the Anhui Province Key Research and Development Plan 2020 and the project Research and development of the height-adjustable anatomical cervical spine Ti-PEEK fusion cage and its fusion performance and biomechanical research.

Cooperation partners in this project are:
Orthopedics Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wannan Medical College (Yijishan Hospital), China and Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The representatives of the Yijishan Hospital are:
Prof. Hongguang Xu:
Vice President, Chief Physician, Second-level Professor and PhD Tutor.
Director of Spinal Surgery Research Center of Wannan Medical College.
Member of:
Orthopedic Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
Osteoporosis Group of the Orthopedic Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.
Vice Chairman of Orthopedic Branch of Anhui Medical Association.
Leader of the Spine Group, Orthopedics Branch of Anhui Medical Doctor Association.
Areas of Expertise: Spinal Surgery and Geriatric Bone Diseases

Dr. Chen Liu
Attending Physician of Spine Surgery.
Doctor of Orthopedic Surgery, Shandong University.
Master of Orthopedic Surgery.
Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), experimental research on impacts of modulus adjustable DAFM/PECUU-based directional blended fiber laminated brackets on annular regeneration, in research, PI Anhui Province Key Research & Development Program - Special International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project, the research and development of height-adjustable anatomical cervical spine Ti-PEEK fusion cage and its fusion performance and biomechanics, in research.

The representatives of Universitair Medical Center Utrecht are:
Prof. Dr. F. Cumhur Öner
Head of Spine Unit (Orthopaedics-Neurosurgery).
Director AOSpine Reference Center Utrecht.
Professor of Spinal Surgery.
Current Research Areas: spinal Trauma, Spinal metastases, Less invasive spinal surgery, Tissue engineering of bone and intervertebral disk, Biomaterials and BMP’s in spinal fusion.

Dr. Laura Creemers
Associate Professor.
Research Areas: spermatogenic stem cells, (periodontal) ligament, tendon and bone (IVD)
Focusing on cartilage and intervertebral disc (IVD) research with a special interest in biomaterials-based local delivery approaches for regeneration and treatment of inflammation.
Several projects on local drug delivery, including BMM IDiDAS (PI) targeting disc degeneration and BMM-OA control on osteoarthritis.

Dr. Moyo Kruyt
Orthopedic surgeon, focusing on traumatology and spine surgery in adults and children.
AO spine Young Investigators Award.
ICHTS Award for Outstanding Contribution to the 50th ORS San Francisco Ca, US.
Selected for Masterclass on stem cell technology.

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